SongWise Music Tuition is for young guitarists and bassist's who want to learn to play their favourite songs, learn about music theory, develop their technique and songwriting with an experienced and qualified teacher.

And it all starts with your three favourite songs...

Young musicians learn quicker and develop faster when they are interested and inspired by what they are doing. SongWise focuses music learning and development on songs you like and you want to play, so you enjoy it and develop skills quickly.

What's more, once you have solid collection of songs on your play list, you will also have the opportunity to join the Shoreham Allstars young musicians collective and get your music out in to the world!


When you join the Allstars you will be busy straight away, here's is what your first term will look like:

  • One to one guitar lessons at the Shoreham Allstars custom-built tuition room
  • Student-led lesson so you decide what songs you want to learn
  • Through your choice of songs you will learn about guitar technique, theory, composition and reading music
  • The opportunity to take RGT (Registry of Guitar Tutors) exams

  • Guitar lessons inquiry

Be part of a music collective

SongWise Music Tuition is the first introduction for guitarists and bassist's to the world of The Shoreham Allstars. A collective of supportive, creative and confident young musicians who play, write and learn about music together and play regular live events throughout the year in West Sussex and beyond.

The opportunities are there for young people to start their journey through the many and varied avenues music provides and Songwise gives them that starting point. 

Guitar lesson details

  • No previous music lesson experience required
  • For kids / children / teenagers aged 8 to 18
  • Monday to Friday 3pm-8pm, Saturday 10am-2pm
  • ?10.50 per half hour session
  • We give concessional rates to families on benefits or on low incomes. Please contact us for more information on this

For parents & guardians

Music is a wonderful way to engage young people and get them to work on key life skills such as teamwork, expressing themselves, evaluating their performance and developing confidence. The Allstars are a great way to start playing, performing and making friends in a welcoming, fun, encouraging, creative and risk-free environment.

  • Session held in a creative, safe and conveniently located environment
  • Workshop sessions mentored by fully DBS checked Allstars tutors

Testimonials / Allstars feedback

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Find out more

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"Being in the Allstars makes you feel so happy when you're up on stage making people smile"

Ellie, singer, aged 14