Shoreham Allstars reach new heights in 2015

2015 has been a stellar year for the Shoreham Allstars, scoring several firsts including being the only local bands playing over the weekend at the Wild Life Festival at Shoreham Airport.2015 Shoreham Allstars memories

Shoreham Allstars memories of 2015

The Allstars gig and events programme saw our bands perform at over 30 live gigs in 2015 including a mini tour of local schools to promote the charity single ‘Let Them Smile‘, with the Allstars playing at five schools in just four hours.

At the Summer Beach Dreams Festival the Allstars hosted the young bands stage with bands performing on a packed bill over the weekend.

Following the tragic events at the Airshow, the Allstars Guitarchestra wrote a piece of music to pay their respects to the victims of the tragedy… the ‘Recover Together‘ piece that was requested by the organisers to be played by the Guitarchestra at Shoreham Family Bonfire & Fireworks in November.

The Shoreham Allstars completed an exciting year of music and lives gigs with a packed celebration at the Winter Dreams Marquee in December.

Throughout the year there have been so many impressive performances from all of our young bands, made of local musicians aged from 7 to 18, who have taken part in the Allstars’ band workshops, lessons and courses.

2015 band roll call

Band-wise, here are our stars for 2015: 80i, Triumph of the Unicorn, Gravity’s Invisible Ghost Hands, Hybrid Holiday, Sour Mash, The Beavis Band, The B!g Bang, The Party Crashers, The Masterplan, Sugar Crackalama, Deaf Cattle, Paris Underground, The Scheme, Wookie Weekend, Amputhracture, Snapback, Ripsos plus solo acts Will Symes, Christelle Lamb, Izzy Finlay-Smith and Daniel Steven Walford.

Where we played in 2015

Venues and events that have supported the Shoreham Allstars in 2015 are: WILD LIFE,Beach Dreams Festival, Paddle Round The Pier Beach Festival, The Harbour Club, West Street Loft, Brighton Biker’s Festival, Adur Homes Family Fun Day, Adur Sea of Lights, Brighton Marathon, Longshore Shoreham, Shoreham RiverFest, BevFest

2016 shaping up to be even better

The Allstars Music Workshops have hit dizzying, record-breaking heights in 2015, giving young people of all ages and skill levels across Adur the opportunity to play and have fun with music.

2016 is shaping up to be an even better year for the Allstars community with even more live events for the bands to play at across Sussex.

What’s more, having received rave reviews from the organisers, the Shoreham Allstars have been confirmed for Wild Life 2016!


Shoreham Allstars founder David O’Connell comments:

“We’ve never been busier and the kids have never played better! I think it’s very important for young people to feel part of a community and feel like what they do has value and the Allstars provides this.

Although we have a great team and work very hard, it all really comes down to the commitment, energy and creativity of the musicians  – they’re what it’s all about.”

Finding out more…

On this website ( you will find lots of information about how the Shoreham Allstars music workshops work, how to get involved and what’s coming up.

To find out more about the Allstars bands and hear/see them in action, head to our showcase website:


A version of this blog was printed in the Shoreham Herald in December 2015.