Shoreham Allstars is a cool, fun and rewarding experience for everyone that gets involved, but don't just take our word for it take a look at some of the feedback below.

Young musicians

Here is what 'being in the Allstars' means to the most important people, our fantastic young musicians...

"The Allstars was a big kick starter in my gigging career, I had played a few shows here and there before... but Allstars put me on a new platform where I could gig on a regular basis.

It was great. I got to jam with a range of different musicians and got set targets for the regular shows e.g. choosing covers to learn in a band or writing original songs. I got to perform in a lot of different scenarios, being at a festival or outside on bonfire night!

Allstars is definitely a great choice if you want to start playing regular and good shows"

Cody Thomas-Matthews, singer and bass player, High Tyde


"Without the Shoreham Allstars I wouldn’t be the musician I am today"

Tori, age 16, recently accepted at Brighton Institute of Modern Music


"When I played the first ever gig with the Allstars, I was 9 years old and wasn't quite sure where I wanted to be and what to expect in the future. 7 years later; I have progressed massively and my confidence has increased to a huge extent.

If it wasn't for the Shoreham Allstars I would have absolutely no idea as to what I would do in the future but I am certain I want to work in the music industry and have been following that pathway ever since my first gig."

Caitlan, singer and guitarist, aged 16


"Being in the Allstars is really cool because you get to do so many gigs that you’d not be able to do normally"

Lauren, guitarist, aged 15


"Being in the Allstars makes me feel happy, and excited because you get to show people your talents"

Blake, singer, aged 11


"Being in the Allstars gives young kids the opportunity to do what they might not be able to do when they’re older"

Sean, plays bass, drums, keyboards, aged 11


"You can express yourself in a different way by playing music"

Bailey, drummer, aged 12


"Being in the Allstars makes you feel so happy when you’re up on stage and making people smile and you get really good opportunities"

Ellie, singer, aged 14



"Being an Allstars parent makes me feel very privileged that my son gets so many opportunities to play at big events and festivals"


UK Promoter

"I saw the (Allstars) collective on stage at Wild Life and the the smiles, pride and excitement in the kids and parents’ faces were a real joy."

Rob Ballantine, Director SJM Concerts



If you are serious about your music, Shoreham Allstars offers the best way to get started.... from joining your first band and writing your first songs to those first live gigs.

  • TASTER SESSION. 1 hour session that gives young vocalists, keyboard players, drummers, guitarists, bassist's and other instrumentalists the chance to place in a band and see what all the fuss is about!
  • GETTING STARTED. Here is when the fun really begins - your first term. Start learning to play songs of your choice in your first band.
  • ALLSTARS COLLECTIVE. Term 1 done, you're now an Allstar. Now we keep developing those skills, working on your set list and you start performing live!
  • HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES. Join a guitar orchestra, rehearse on a stage, write & record music... there's lots going on.
  • 1-2-1 GUITAR & DRUM TUITION. 1 on 1 guitar, bass and drum lessons. Music tuition for guitarists, bassist's and percussionists with a qualified tutor.
  • All of the above gives young musicians the opportunity to play at the live Allstars gigs

  • Contact us to find out more



"Being in the Allstars makes you feel so happy when you're up on stage making people smile"

Ellie, singer, aged 14

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