The Allstars are an exciting and successful music collective, but what is a Collective and what does being part of one mean for you?

The dictionary defines a Collective as "a group of entities that share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together to achieve a common objective". Given the creative process music involves, it is not surprising that musicians have traditionally been part of a collective whether it has been called a bands or collective or scene. However, is it still relevant to today's young musicians?

New approach for young musicians collective

As young people's musical tastes have become more diverse and they have become more open minded to different genres of music there has not been a particularly coherent music scene for many years. The Allstars has created music scenes/collective approach that is based not on the music you like but on the town you live in. 

The approach was first developed with the Shoreham Allstars collective and, after 8 amazing years, it has been successful on so many levels including:

  • Introducing hundreds of young musicians to music... learning to play & perform together
  • Giving them the opportunity to perform at over 200 events and gigs across Sussex
  • Creating a unique catalogue of 100 original songs
  • Helping each individual to develop skills they will use throughout their life, whether in music or beyond, including teamwork, creativity, self belief, confidence, social & interaction skills


Community at its core

One of the core objectives of the Allstars musicians is to enrich the town they grow up in with their music but we have found it goes beyond that as the musicians feel part of the community and grow up with fond memories and affiliation to the place.

The current group of Shoreham Allstars musicians have a strong sense of pride and belonging to their town instilled from many years of playing to appreciative crowds in the town and of knowing that their efforts, their music and their Collective, are valued.

Collective without boundaries

Musicians in the Allstars Collective play all genres of music and have no boundaries to what they can or can't play - their grounding is their location and they are free to develop their creativity confidence and teamwork through where they live. 



If you are serious about your music, Shoreham Allstars offers the best way to get started.... from joining your first band and writing your first songs to those first live gigs.

  • TASTER SESSION. 1 hour session that gives young vocalists, keyboard players, drummers, guitarists, bassist's and other instrumentalists the chance to place in a band and see what all the fuss is about!
  • GETTING STARTED. Here is when the fun really begins - your first term. Start learning to play 3 songs of your choice in your first band.
  • ALLSTARS COLLECTIVE. Term 1 done, now you're an Allstar. Now we keep developing those skills, working on your set list and you start performing live!
  • HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES. Join a guitar orchestra, rehearse on a stage, write & record music... there's lots going on.
  • 1-2-1 GUITAR & DRUM TUITION. 1 on 1 guitar, bass and drum lessons. Music tuition for guitarists, bassist's and percussionists with a qualified tutor.
  • All of the above gives young musicians the opportunity to play at the live Allstars gigs

  • Contact us to find out more


When I played the first ever gig with the Allstars, I was 9 years old and wasn't quite sure where I wanted to be and what to expect in the future. 7 years later; I have progressed massively and my confidence has increased to a huge extent."

Caitlan King, singer, aged 16, see full quote

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