The Allstars bands will be performing on their own stage at the award-winning Wild Life Festival in 2016.

This will be the 2nd year the Allstars will have appeared at Wild Life and 2016 will see 29 bands/solo acts performing on the Allstars stage throughout the weekend.

The Allstars Stage at Wild Life will give 90 young local children and young people the opportunity to perform in front of a large and receptive music loving audience.

The running order will also feature a few older bands with members that played at the first ever Allstars gig in 2008, have grown up within the collective and have been successful with their music.

The bands are currently working on ‘The Wildlife Set’, which is a set of songs tailor-made for a dance music loving audience and featuring a mix of songs by acts playing at Wildlife alongside other dance acts. This set will include songs by artists such as Rudimental, Ratboy, Years & Years, Sigma, Ganja Kru, James Bay and Bastille.


Sunday 12th June

  • Grafruti
  • Triumph of the Unicorn
  • Sour Mash
  • The B!g Bang
  • The Party Crashers
  • The Masterplan
  • Christelle Lamb
  • Dwellorz
  • Dan Galloway
  • Issie Lanham
  • Dion
  • The Scheme
  • No Comply
  • Paris Underground
  • Cascades
  • Penelope Isles

Saturday 11th June

  • SnapBack
  • 80i
  • Sugar Crackalama
  • Business Suicide
  • Ripsos
  • Facing the Raven
  • The Beavis Band
  • Gravity's invisible Ghost Hands
  • Hybrid Holiday
  • DJ Cypher
  • Sweetmates
  • My Pet Shark

See Running Order / Set List

Wild Life 2015... here's what the Allstars bands said

The Allstars bands played the first ever, award-wooning, Wild Life Festival in 2015.

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Over 30 live gigs a year

All of the bands in the Allstars are able to play at our unique gig list that sees our bands perform at a wide range of events including a national festival (Wild Life), Beach Dreams, Brighton Dome, Brightona and so many more.

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"The Allstars was a big kick starter in my gigging career, I had played a few shows here and there before... but Allstars put me on a new platform where I could gig on a regular basis. Allstars is definitely a great choice if you want to start playing regular and good shows"

Cody Thomas-Matthews, singer and bass player, High Tyde

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